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We Make It Easier For You

When you work with us, we provide you with a Home Buyer's Passport making it possible to tour prospective condos hassle-free.

  • Compare & Contrast Homes You Tour
  • Track Important Dates
  • Buyer Do's & Dont's
  • Contact Information at Hand








Protecting Your Interest

Seller's Disclosure Statement - Sellers provide information on known repairs, issues, and general property details.

Condominium Resale Certificate - Provided by the condominium association, it contains info such as: the annual budget, capital reserves, condo fees, special assessments, etc.

Professional Inpections - Can reveal structual, roof, termite, & other problems with the property.

Home Warranty - Gives you peace of mind through repair/replacement coverage on major home operating systems and appliances.

Preliminary Title Report - Identifies any title issues and title insurance will insure your property ownership rights.

Final Walk-through - Priorto closing, a walk-through will allow you to verify an repairs required have been completed and that property is in the same general condition as when your purchased.


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