Which complex is right for you?



Congratulations! You’ve decided that the “condo lifestyle” is for you, but now you need to decide which complex is the right fit.   

You want to determine your preferred living style, your desires, needs, and absolute deal breakers. Check out these important factors before you buy.


Get out and take a walk. Clayton has some very distinct and charming neighborhoods. The laid back streets of the Demun area offer residents quick access to Forest Park and a great sense of community. The sophisticated high rises in Downtown boast fantastic views and the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolitan city.     


Building Style
Clayton offers many different condo styles from sophisticated high rises to renovated flats.

Do you prefer the charm of older buildings with original wood work? Is your style more contemporary? Are high-end finishes a must? Do you want to live in a smaller complex with a more intimate setting? Are you looking for a loft living environment?


Consider the amenities
Make a list of the amenities you desire to have within easy walking/driving distance.
Determine what amenities you want to have included in your condominium complex.

Is a doorman or 24-security a must? Would like a swimming pool? Do you want concierge services?


As in any city environment parking is limited. You want to make sure parking is to your satisfaction.

How many parking spaces are available for your use?  How easy is it to get into and out of the driveway? Is there guest parking? Is parking assigned?


Included utilities vary from complex to complex. 

Which utilities are included in the condo fees?  Do you want an all-electric unit?  Where are the laundry facilities?

Meet the neighbors
Condo living affords the pleasurable benefit of a sense of community with nearby neighbors.

Are residents friendly? Are there dogs barking when you walk the hallways? How many residents are renters?


Walk the common areas
A great way to get a feel for a complex is to take a walk around.
You can learn a lot by just touring the grounds, hallways, and common areas.

What are your overall impressions? Are hallways clean? Is the mailbox area organized and secure? If the building is supposed to be secured, are the doors propped open?


Condo rules and regulations
Each condo association has a list of rules and regulations that residents must adhere to, so before purchasing make sure you review this information.

What are the restrictions?  Are pets allowed? Can you BBQ on your balcony or deck?


Ok, so you have reviewed the information. Now what? 

Make a list of your needs and wants.  Assign priorities to important essentials of the condo’s location and amenities.  
Begin your search with your list of absolute musts, compare a list of the positive and negative of complexes that fit your criteria.  


Have questions about a specific neighborhood or complex? Let us help guide you through the condo buying process. 

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